Diabetes and Exercise

If you have diabetes you are likely to benefit far more than most people from exercise.

Its not too late to get an improvement even after you have been diagnosed or much later for that matter. Start at what ever level of exercise you are capable of.

Diabetics get the increased fitness and health benefits that everyone gets from exercising. If you have diabetes you are more at risk of heart disease and this is especially important.

Regular exercise can help reduce insulin resistance too, for diabetic's or pre-diabetic's.

My apologies for the photos of the Bristol ½ Marathon, it can give the wrong impression to some. There is no need to run for exercise, for general exercise walking or any other exercise is quite good enough for most.

I walk to go and see the 1/2 Marathon and get a decent or photo or two if I can. For Bristolians its also a chance to walk in the Avon Gorge without the noise and car fumes too.

Aim for any 10 minute continuous physical activity like a walk to get the most benefit. Do more if you wish and are capable of course, do ten minutes two or three times a day if you can but you will get a health benefit from even one ten minute session.

Start gradually, see the cautions on the basics page.

disabled race winner For more photo's from the 2nd Oct 2005 marathon see the 2005 Bristol Marathon Photo Page (external link)

The walks and cycling links no. 5-8 above, also have quite a few photos of Bristol too

Its high summer and very hot when I write this so if its too hot now, try early or late but have a go!


  1. Exercise Basics
  2. Aerobic Exercise
  3. Benefits
  4. Opportunities to Exercise

  5. Walking and Cycling in and Near Bristol

  6. Burwall's Wood Walk nr Leigh Woods
  7. Bristol Docks (West): Circular Walk
  8. Portishead Marina and Eastwood Walk

Walk, Cycle, Swim, Run or Jog - but do something!!!

Above photo from Hotwells looking towards the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Avon Gorge.