Exercise Benefits.

Exercise for a Healthy Heart.

On your current exercise, for a healthier heart try a slightly brisker finish. If you are walking try walking a little faster on the way back.

Getting slightly out of breath works the heart harder and is actually good for the heart. Again this applies to everyone not only to Diabetics.

Exercise can improve Cholesterol Levels by increasing the levels of HDL 'good' Cholesterol and may also reduce triglyceride levels.

It also improves the circulation helping to flush out the toxins that can build up in the smaller blood vessels and can help lower blood pressure. This reduces the risk of many of Diabetes complication.

Better Control of Blood Sugar Levels.

Exercise often helps the body use insulin more efficiently (especially if you are over weight). You can use exercise to get tighter control of blood sugar levels which should again reduce the risk of complications.

Exercise and Tiredness.

It may seem quite perverse, but in the medium to long term exercise can help you feel less tired. Insulin resistance is a common cause of tiredness or fatigue, regular exercise can makes your body use insulin more efficient and reduce insulin resistance.

Exercise and Losing Weight.

Exercise burns extra calories and assists the digestive system. Okay it can increase the appetite too, so take something moderately low calorie to nibble.

All in all, sounds like a wonder drug to me - I had better go get my daily 30 minutes worth.

Don't have a 30 minute slot? See the next page - exercise opportunities.

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