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Accessibility on the Bristol Diabetes Site

Bristol Diabetes . Access

Basic Site Navigation

The basic level of navigation that is visible on most pages is the text line starting with - 'Bristol Diabetes . Access'. Links are underlined, links already visited change colour. This is near the top of the page on the left hand side and should be visible (or narrated) by all browsers.

  • Click Access or use the two key combination Alt+0 will take you to this page.
  • Click Bristol Diabetes or use the two key combination Alt+1 will take you to the Home Page.

  • If you are in one of the 9 sections of the site, Alt+2 or clicking on the section title, will take you to the section menu page. Alt+2 used on this page takes you to the section menu list.
  1. You may need to press enter as well, The two keys Alt+1 (Bristol Diabetes Home) and then press enter, for instance if you use the Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Mac users should use the Ctrl key rather than the Alt key.

To access one of sections of the site, click on the link or use the keyboard shortcuts: -

Bristol Diabetes (Home).Alt+h
Local (Bristol).Alt+b
What is Diabetes?Alt+w
Drugs & Insulin.Alt+i

These two key shortcuts should work on most browsers on the Bristol Diabetes Home and Access pages. BUT only work on other pages if Javascript is switch on.

Checking your computer:

Also if Javascript is running on your computer you can use:-

There are links to these pages near the bottom of most pages. If you can't find them that probable means Javascript has been switched off on your PC.

Other Accessibility Pages

Keyboard Shortcuts, for help press either the ? or / key. If that fails try Alt with / (or ?) then Return.


Keyboard Shortcuts to the Control Panel. Run applets in the control panel via the keyboard.

Tab Key Symbols Accessibility: The Tab Key. Replace the mouse with keyboard keys when surfing or entering forms on web pages.

Screenshot of the Accessibility Icon in the Control Panel of Windows XP. Accessibility: Windows Tools and Utilities. A look at some of the many free accessibility utilities and tools already loaded on your PC.

Set-up a Javascript Magnifier on your pages.Accessibility: Magnifier. Simple instructions on how to add a magnifying function on a web page or web site.

Additional Site Navigation

All of the follow only applies if Javascript is running on your computer.

If you are using a recent version of Internet Explorer browser, you can also use single keys to access the section menus.

'd' for diet or 'b' for the local (Bristol) section for example. Note that the single key access Internet Explorer shortcuts are disabled on pages with input forms.

Finally some other useful keys that work again only if you use the Internet Explorer browser on this site.

  • n for next page in the section.
  • p for previous page in the section.
  • ? or / for more help on Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • + or = to zoom in (enlarge text and graphics).
  • - to zoom out (shrink text and graphics).


I especially welcome feedback about any accesibility issues for this site. If you have any thoughts on where this site is failing its readers or have difficulty navigating from page to page, please use the feedback page.