Diabetes Specialist Site Search.

In my opinion, non commercial web sites are a great source of unbiased information on the web. Often though when you search the web these sites results are buried by a mass of commercial sites as they don't have the money to optimise sites for search engines.

This page allows you to search the specialist charity and non commercial sites relating to diabetes and its complications. Try them first, if you don't get what you need then try the whole 'world wide web' the 'www' option.

Key in your search word (or words) and press enter (or click on the button beside the search box) to search the site you are interested in. Individual site searches are by Google. Combined search (Rollyo) is powered by Yahoo.


A useful tool from Rollyo.com, combines a search of all the UK sites below + the US site Children with Diabetes.

Tip: If you enter a phrase like eye damage use quotes - "eye damage" to get results only with the phrase rather than results for eye & damage combined. Try it!

Sites outside the UK below.

I don't claim its a specialist site (unless you live in Bristol and have diabetes!) but if you want to search this site for something.
Note that single key Keyboard Shortcuts are disabled on this page.

Like to suggest another diabetes related specialist and non-comercial site for this page? In the UK or elsewhere. Use the feedback page.

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