Bristol Marina to Brunel Lock Road.

Total Walk Distance: 2 miles about 3 Kilometers.

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A circular walk around the western end of Bristol Docks. Page 4 of 4: 1 2 3 4

Bristol Marina to the New Cut

Distance: ½ mile (800m)   Street Map: Bristol Marina.

Note all distances are my fairly inaccurate estimates.

Keeping to the dockside, just beyond Bristol Marina there is a broad walkway running along the dockside until you reach the Cottage Inn. This is an excellent viewing place for a lot of the activities that go on in the docks, such as: -

Junior Power Boat Racing May 2004. Power boat racing, photo from May 2004. This was taken when the power boat was rounding the end of course marker and the boat disappeared in a cloud of spray when it hit water following this.

Waterskiing, Feb 2004. Watersking, photo from February 2004. This was about 9am on a freezy cold day too, two circuits and then a hot drink I would imagine.


Sailing in Bristol Docks. Sailing on a cold November 2005 morning.

Lookout for the rowing too up to 8 seaters (I often see the University of the West of England training here) and always of course the ferries going to and fro.


Dragonboat Racing Dragon boat racing, photo from June 2004.

With the catamaran Team Pimsec in the background.

Getting back to the walk.

When you reach the Cottage Inn, follow the roadway leading directly away from the docks for about 50 meters and cross Cumberland Road. Turn right and walk along the roadway for another 50 meters, then take the first left a footpath across the harbourside railway line.

End Pier of Bristol Marina View of the Docks and the end pier of Bristol Marina.

Hotwells side of docks View of the Hotwells side of the docks.

New Cut to Brunel Lock Road

Distance: ½ mile (800m)   Street Map: New Cut.

Always a pleasant if smoky surprise, to find the Harbourside Steam Railway running when you cross the railway line! The photo to the left taken on October the 30th 2004, probably one of the last runs of the year.

If its green its the Henbury or if silver the Portbury both steam engines that were built in Bristol.

This portion of the walk is more industrial rather than scenic. The new cut running beside it, like the old river (now Bristol Docks) is highly tidal. Sometimes fast flowing and sometimes an almost empty channel of mud!

Turning right on the riverside path, you pass the first of the red brick old warehouses. This closed as a duty free warehouse in March 2004 and was used to film 'The Truth about Love', starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dougray Scott and Jim Mistry.

Henbury Engine beside the New Cut
Henbury loco running beside the New Cut.
Ashton Bridge Then pass an old iron railway bridge (Ashton Bridge). This used to be a double decker road and rail swing bridge, pre 1965 (when the newer bridges were built) a major route to the South West. Now a unused railway line with a foot and cycle path.

Ashton Bridge (1905) crossing the New Cut.

The waste ground area beside the railway when you pass what remains of Ashton Bridge is now called Butterfly Junction, after the large number of species that are found there.

CREATE Centre Passing the old railway bridge, you reach the second large red brick old warehouse. This one now is the home of the Bristol CREATE Environmental Centre with the recycling demonstration show home the Ecohome close beside it.

Continue along the riverside beneath the busy Avon Bridge. If the path is flooded, just cut briefly inland. Get back to the riverside and then you follow the river bend to see a great view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and complete the circular walk.

I hope you enjoyed these pages. The walk is well worth a try - its busiest at the weekends. Which its my favourite time as there is most going on in the docks - perhaps I will see you there?

Peter Frost - Last revised 13th February 2007
Walkway marker at the old railway bridge

If you cross the bridge at this marker and walk about 200m upstream towards the suspension bridge. At the end of Greville Smythe Park this path joins with the Burwall's Wood Walk taking you through the woods up to the suspension bridge.

Or continue along the river side on the Avon Trail which I at least still think of as the Avon Tow Path. This is a long riverside and in its later stages woodland path for both walkers & cyclists. Going beneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge all the way to Pill. Unless its very dry it will be muddy too!

Create Centre & Eco Home
Ecohome at the CREATE centre.

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