Installation & PC Performance - Page 3.

I encountered no problems with this on several Windows XP PC's. if you have a reasonably modern Windows XP PC you may wish to skip this page. Otherwise read on: -


On a mid-range PC (Athlon 1700 Mhz processor with 256Mb memory), running Windows XP Home, the software loaded quickly and with no problems.

PC Performance.

Running the free version of Natural Voice on this PC, needed at most 12% of the processing power and usually about 3%, plus about 24Mb of memory to run. Minimum specification for the free version is - a 500 Mhz processor, Windows 98, 200Mb free space, 64Mb memory.

Pre Windows XP Operating Systems

On Windows versions prior to Windows XP you are likely to also need the SAPI5 Microsoft speech engine and voices download. I think the Bytecool download supplies this in addition to the extra voices but I have not tested it on Pre Windows XP PC's.

Auto Loading the Software

The software does not automatically load into the start menu and needs to be selected either from the desktop or the start button. As most PC's are over cluttered with auto loaded software I find this a welcome change.

If anyone however wishes to auto load the software on Windows XP PC's, use the feedback page to ask for assistance and I will do my best to help you.