Poor Vision, Features & Download Links - Page 6.

Ease of Use for Poor Vision users.

Some thought has been given to designing controls that can be easily used for those with poorer vision, as you would expect in a text to speech application.

The text area has good contrast, black on white. Control buttons are quite large and well separated, with a slider to adjust voice speed.


Features on the free version include:
  • Changeable voices: Mary, Mike and Sam. To get the Mary and Mike voices you need the Bytecool download as well as the AT&T Natural Voice Reader download.
  • Variable voice speed, changeable only when reading is not in progress.
  • Clipboard text conversion to speech.

Download Sites.

AT&T - Natural Voice Reader. Free reader, software download is 10.2 Mb.

Bytecool - Voice Page: Mary, Mike and Sam SAPI5/SAPI4.. Free software and voices.

SAPI5 (for XP systems) download is 68Mb its a lot more than just the voices.

SAPI4 (for other windows systems) download is a more reasonable 7.3Mb.

Note that the SAPI5 (Microsoft speech engine software) with the Microsoft Sam voice only, is pre-installed on Windows XP.

Phone Tray: Additional Voices for WIn XP Mary & Mike.

A 4 Mb download I have yet to try.