Hydrogenated Fat & Trans Fat.

Many commercially produced foods use Hydrogenated Fat!

What is Hydrogenated Fat?

Some processing hardens liquid unsaturated vegetable fat into a solid form. This improves the storage life of the fat and makes it more suitable for spreading.

The process involves bubbling hydrogen through the fat - hydrogenation.

What is Trans Fat?

As a bi-product the hydrogenation process can also produce Trans Fat - also known as Trans Fatty Acids. Trans Fat is similar to Saturated Fat in its effects on blood cholesterol.

Many actually say its worse than Saturated Fat and it is certainly best treated the same way as Saturated Fat and avoided in quantity.

Food Labeling.

Hydrogenated Fat should appear on the label of UK produced foods but Trans Fat doesn't have to be shown.

Note: Some EU produced foods do NOT show either fat, these are commonly found in the ALDI & LIDL supermarket chains.

Foods often high in Hydrogenated Fat.

Biscuits, Margarine, Pastry, Cakes, Peanut Butter, Crisps & Chips. Many but not all of the commercial versions of these foods use them.

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