About the Bristol Diabetes Web Site.

This page aims to answer some of the questions you may have about this site.

Who Runs this Site?

For any who have not visited the home page. I will just note that I am not a medical expert just a type 2 diabetic living in Bristol, England. This site is written and maintained solely by me.

Peter Frost.

Why was this Site Written?

  1. To make people more aware of just how much of the treatment of diabetes is in their own control. Daily choices of diet and exercise really can make a large difference!
  2. To make people more aware of diabetes and not delay a medical visit if you have any of the symptoms (as I did for years).
  3. Originally I wrote the site as an exercise to learn HTML (the main language of the web). After 25 years of mainly text programming, writing web pages actually turned out to be fun too!
  4. Actually going to the effort of researching the pages and then writing them does help make the information stick for my own use.

Virtually all of the pages are on subjects I have wanted to gather information on myself.

Is this Site Commercial?

No but it does link to some commercial sites. Links to commercial sites are used if an article/page is relevant and is the best I can find on that topic. Non commercial sites however are preferred.

The Bristol Diabetes web site is based in my personal web space. I am a programmer and I maintain the site myself.

What is this Sites Privacy Policy?

Cookies are only not used on this site.

If you use the e-mail feedback facility I will only use your e-mail address to reply to you personally. There are no mailing lists.

Is this Site Accurate and Upto Date?

Because this site is run by just me, I don't claim you will get the very latest information here. You should also be aware that any site run by an individual is more prone to error.

Sources I favour and recommend to you are 'UK authority sites' like:

  • Governnment sites ending in '.gov.uk'
  • NHS sites ending in '.nhs.uk'
  • Academic Sites ending in '.ac.uk'
  • Some organisations such as 'diabetes.org.uk' and 'bbc.co.uk'

Note that I also include material from other sources if I think its useful or of interest.


  • See the disclaimer at the end of most pages. General advice does not apply to everyone! If in doubt get professional advice.
  • This is a UK site. While there are similarities, elsewhere treatments and other information like units of measure may be different.