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Test your local knowledge with these questions on local subjects, places and people. Answers are one word unless stated otherwise. Click on the *'s for hints.

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Peter Sallis has given voice to this character since 1991, what's the name of the character he plays? Hint
Bristol Blue Glass gets its blue colour from which metal? Hint
In what year was the Clifton Suspension Bridge opened? Hint
Born in 1881 in Winford, Somerset. Orphaned at the age of 6 and Minister of Labour in WW2. What's his surname? Hint
What well known local 'Bristol' region is over 3,000 square miles in size (two words)? Hint
Archibold Alexander Leach is better known under a different name, what is his more famous name (two words)? Hint
If Alfred was a Gorilla, then Wendy was a 42 year old ....? Hint
His brother wrote 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing' but he is more widely known, what is his christian name? Hint
What is the unusual (and very apt) name for the footpath leading from Clifton to the Portway (two words)? Picture Hint

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