Juvenile or Junior Diabetes.

As I have noticed some visitors to the site looking for information on juvenile and junior diabetes, I have added this page.

This is outside my knowledge. So this page is mainly an external link page and I hope it gives you the information you need.


General Information on Juvenile or Junior Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes.

The commonest form of juvenile diabetes is referred to as Type 1 Diabetes. With its symptoms quickly developing.

The peak age for diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes is about 11 years old.

Type 2 Diabetes

Still fairly rare in the UK, older children can also develop Type 2 Diabetes. I am not sure of the exact range of ages but teenagers can develop it.

Type 2 symptoms develop slowly. When Type 2 diabetes occurs in the young it is also known as Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (or MODY).

External Links.


The UK diabetes support newsgroup 'alt.support.diabetes.uk' has some occasional contributors on this subject and may be useful.

If you have difficulty accessing it directly through your e-mail package, try the google link below.