Early ACTID study in SW England.

Exciting study for people recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers from the University of Bristol are currently recruiting people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes within the last 6 months (from about October 2007) for a year-long study.

Known as the Early ACTID study, which stands for Early ACTivity in Diabetes. The aims are to show how much real benefit may be gained from increased exercise and improved diet in the early stages of the condition. The study has been made possible with a grant from Diabetes UK and the NHS and is the largest diet and exercise trial for people with Type 2 diabetes in the world.

Volunteers will be seen in local hospitals across the West Country, including the main Bristol hospitals, Gloucester, Taunton and Weston by diabetes specialists for help with healthy eating, weight loss and physical activity.

Early-ACTID is recruiting again in 2008 and aims to find 80 volunteers so if you or anyone you know is interested in finding out more please contact the Early-ACTID team on 0117 9282 440 or via e-mail on:


Much more information on the University of Bristol Early ACTID home page. Note that the documentation there refers to the original 2006/7 trial, the current trial is is a follow up for 80 people.