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Did You Know That?

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Piers Anthony - Writer, Halle Berry - Actress, George Lucas - Star Wars Director, Gary Mabbutt - Footballer, Mary Tyler Moore - Actress, John Prescott - Deputy P.M. and ex? Boxer, Steve Redgrave - Olympic Rower, Sue Townsend - Writer & Andrew Lloyd Webber - Composer - all have Diabetes.


On average one diabetic person is newly diagnosed every 5 minutes in the UK.


About 3% of the UK population have diagnosed Diabetes and a further 1-2% are estimated to have it undiagnosed.


9% of all current NHS expenditure (or £5,200,000,000) is spent on treating Diabetes and its complications.


Nearly 800 of 10,000 New Yorkers surveyed in Spring 2002 had diabetes - source American Diabetes Association Jan 2003.


In 2001 the South Gloucestershire district averaged more than one newly diagnosed diabetic every day.


It was over 25 years ago that Genetic Engineering was used to produce the first synthetic Human Insulin - now known as Humulin. Developed by Arthur D. Riggs Ph. D. and Keiichi Itakura Ph. D. using genetically engineered bacteria.


India had 32.7 (million diabetics in 2000) almost one in ten of the worlds diabetics, China 22.6, USA 15.3, Pakistan 8.8 & Japan 7.1. Source International Diabetes Federation.


The classical Greeks knew about Diabetes. They diagnosed it by tasting the sugar in the urine of their patients!

The Chinese got one up though, they watched to see if ants were atracted to the urine!


Over a thousand years ago, Ibn Sina (Avicena) an Arab Physician recommended exercise and dietary change as a treatment for Diabetes in his work "The Canon of Medicine".


More than 1 in Seven of the adult population of Papua New Guinea, Mauritius & Bahrain have Diabetes. Source International Diabetes Federation.