Bristol: North American

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The screen shots have been slightly compressed.
All images are screen shots from Google Earth.
A beautiful piece of software I recommend.

Pity the UK resolution is not as detailed as North America.


Click on pictures below for a larger photo.

Bristol Bay Alaska, AK 99633, USA
123K - 828x586.
Bristol, New Brunswick, Canada
162k - 826x587.
Bristol, Colorado, USA
146k - 826x587.
Bristol, Florida, USA
132K - 828x587.
Bristol, Georgia, USA
161k - 826x587.
Bristol, Illinois, USA
116K - 828x587.
Bristol, Indiana, USA
141k - 826x587.
Bristol (Peninsula?), Maine, USA
166K - 828x587.
Bristol, Nebraska, USA
161k - 826x587.
Bristol, New Hampshire, USA
174K - 828x587.
Bristol, New York, USA
161k - 826x587.
Bristolville, Ohio Bristolville OH 44402, Ohio, USA
161k - 826x587.
Bristol, Prince Edward Island, Canada
136k - 826x587.
Bristol, Quebec, Canada
169k - 826x587.
Bristol, Rhode Island, USA
142K - 826x587.
Bristol, South Dakota, USA
162k - 826x587.
Bristol, Tennessee & Virginia, USA
168K - 826x587.
Bristol, Vermont, USA
165k - 826x587.
Bristol, Wisconsin, USA
168K - 826x587.

Bristol, UK with Google Earth.
177K - 994x768.

Most of these were direct searches but for Bristol Bay in Alaska and Bristolville, Ohio I entered the post/zip codes. Respectively 'AK 99633' and 'OH 44402'. For Bristol, Prince Edward Island I used the map reference 46° 25' N 62° 44' W.

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